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The governor of Bordj Baji Al-Mukhtar orders the escort of the investors – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The governor of the state of Bordj Baji Al-Mukhtar, Othman Abdel Aziz, gave strict instructions to the executive and elected directors to accompany the investors, in order to promote the investment sector in the state, including the advancement of development for the benefit of the state and citizens.

And the governor of the state of Bordj Badji Al-Mukhtar stressed, in the state’s executive council meeting, in the meeting hall of the state’s official residence, as stated in the state’s statement, which Al-Hiwar reviewed, and stressed the need to accompany investors and educate them in various fields of investment, in addition to intensifying study days, regarding how to establish institutions Small and medium enterprises, with the involvement of various actors.

The governor also stressed the need to prepare a special program with the National Forum for Emerging Enterprises – start-up, with the involvement of the Supreme Council for Youth, to select talents and ideas in the field of investment, while working to revive the industrial sector with the participation of all segments of society, especially youth, and this is by encouraging them to move towards a field Investment, insisting on encouraging wealth-producing investments that contribute to creating jobs to move economic development, giving a new impetus to the agricultural sector and agricultural investment, and accompanying investors in this field.

The agenda of the meeting included axes, presentation of the outcomes of the government’s meeting with the governors, and a study of the industry and investment sectors.

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