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The International Conference on Civilized Behavior in Oran… Calls to Link Civilized Behavior with Religion – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

Today, Sunday, the work of the second day of the International Conference on Civilized Behavior continued in Oran.

The participants in the conference highlighted the importance of appreciating civilized behavior as a social value, and the need to spread it among members of society and link it to the Islamic taste that gives it strength and solidity.

Dr. Taheri Belkheir, a professor at the Department of Civilization at the University of Oran 1 “Ahmed Ben Bella,” pointed out that civilized behavior “is a social value that must be valued and disseminated, as it must be linked to the Islamic taste that gives it solidity by rooting it and motivates individuals to comply with it and be endowed with it by linking it to the divine reward.” in life and afterlife”.

He added that civilized behavior is “the essence of the pursuant-purpose faculties of Islamic law, such as preserving religion, life, and money, in addition to preserving the mind, offspring, and honour. These faculties are protected and preserved when violent and disgraceful behaviors are absent, and urgency, lack of planning, and other abnormal behaviors that negatively affect public life are eliminated.” .

For his part, Dr. Rashid al-Tabbakh, from Tunisia, called for the necessity of “valuing civilized behavioral values ​​and linking them to religion so that they are characterized by continuity and steadfastness and carry good in themselves.” Cooperation, modesty, justice, freedom, honesty and chastity, the speaker adds, “values ​​that change in time and place, and their concept and rule do not change. They are values It is desirable and obligatory for people to apply it at all times.

The speaker highlighted that one of the characteristics of Islam is that it is “a universal religion and the values ​​it called for are universal. It also includes an integrated and universal value system that achieves what the bewildered humanity needs in terms of values ​​for human brotherhood, peaceful coexistence, and security that man-made values ​​that are based on interests and the struggle for domination have been unable to achieve.” .

As a reminder, this forum is organized over a period of three days by the Supreme Islamic Council and under the high patronage of the President of the Republic, Mr. Civilized behavior models and applications”, “Ways and means of activating civilized behavior” and “Civilized behavior, specific and universal”.

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