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The Minister of the Mujahideen.. “The death of the scholar Ait Ilt has healed a gap that nothing can fill forever.” – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

Today, Wednesday, the Minister of Mujahideen and People with Rights, Eid Rabika, offered his condolences to the family of the deceased scholar, Sheikh Muhammad al-Taher Ait Ialjat. Who passed away yesterday, Tuesday, at the age of 106, after a health ailment, and he was admitted to the Resuscitation Department.

Whereas, in a message of condolence from the Minister of the Mujahideen, it was stated, “Mohamed al-Taher Ait Ialjat has passed away to the mercy of God Almighty, the feat fighter and the great scholar.” “Who filled the world with humility, kindness, knowledge and jurisprudence, and in defense of the constants of the homeland, for which he sacrificed himself and his precious ones.” And “defending the nation’s values ​​and its authentic authority, devoting his entire life to raising generations and serving the dear book of God.” And “The year of the best of people, upon him be the best of prayers and the purest of greetings.”

As the Minister of the Mujahideen continued, “The death of the scholar Mujahid is a gap that nothing can fill forever. With his departure, Algeria loses one of its flags.” Who “was, is, and will remain a role model with his immortal deeds, honorable praises, and good qualities.” “May God have mercy on our virtuous sheikh and reward him with the best of what he rewarded a mujahid for the sake of God and his country and a scholar on behalf of his nation, and he included him with those who bestowed blessings on them.” “Among the prophets and the truthful, and the companions of his path are the martyrs and the righteous, and the best of those are companions.”

And the minister added, “In front of this great distress, I cannot help but turn to his honorable family and all his mujahideen companions and students.” And “all the people of knowledge, with their sincere condolences and sincerest sympathy, asking God Almighty to shower him with his vast mercy.” He also prayed and “to inspire his family and relatives with beautiful patience and abundant solace.” “O you reassured soul, return to your Lord, pleased and well-pleasing, so enter among My servants and enter My Paradise.”

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