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The Ministry of Commerce clarifies: The production and marketing of oil in 5-liter containers and semolina in 25-kilogram bags will continue.

The Director General of Control and Regulation of Activities at the Ministry of Commerce and Export Promotion, Sami Qali, confirmed today, Thursday, that the production of table oil in 5-liter containers and semolina in 25-kilogram bags will continue and will not be suspended, as was discussed in recent days.

Qali explained that it was agreed during the meetings organized with the six dealers in the field of state-subsidized soybean oil refining to pump an additional quantity estimated at 10,000 tons to meet the increase in demand during the upcoming month of Ramadan, explaining that this quantity will be produced mainly in the form of packages 1 and 2. Liter.

The focus was on doubling the production of table oil in 1- and 2-liter containers only, “to give reassurance to the citizen, preserve his purchasing power, combat waste, rationalize consumption, and avoid all forms of illegal speculation,” according to the same official.

The daily production of table oil currently ranges between 3,500 and 4,000 tons, “although the real needs of the market range between 1,600 and 1,800 tons per day,” which means that the supply is largely sufficient, according to Mr. Qali.

Therefore, “we are not talking today about blocking, stopping or suspending 5-liter containers,” but rather about additional production for the month of Ramadan, which will mainly be in the form of 1- and 2-liter containers, the director confirms.

This step falls within the framework of the ministry’s strategy aimed at ensuring regular and stable supply to the markets by relying on the rationalization of the consumption pattern, according to the official, who highlighted in this regard the role that product packaging plays in rationalizing consumer behavior.

The same principle will be applied for semolina, farina and sugar, as the “additional” quantities that will be produced on the occasion of Ramadan will focus on production of 1, 2 and 5 kg, while the production of 25 kg will continue in a “normal” manner.

In a related context, Qali stressed the importance of the neighborhood markets that will be established on the occasion of the holy month in maintaining price stability and preserving the purchasing power of citizens.

Through these spaces, all items of wide consumption will be marketed, including agricultural products, fisheries products and aquaculture, according to the statements of the director, who emphasized the mobilization of public or private economic operators to make the initiative a success.

These markets are expected to enter into service two weeks before the start of the next Ramadan, Qali adds, stressing that the preparations for the establishment of these spaces are “very advanced” with regard to at least 70 percent.

Promotional and discount sales will also be authorized during this month, in support of purchasing power, as well as strengthening supervision to tighten anti-speculation measures, according to the spokesman.

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