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The Ministry of the Interior orders to address the imbalances registered in the citizen service – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The Ministry of the Interior and Local Communities revealed the content of the framework instruction addressed to governors and heads of departments and municipal councils, against the background of recording a number of imbalances related to serving and receiving citizens, similar to their request for additional documents.

The Ministry of the Interior confirmed in a statement today, Wednesday, that it is in the interest of continuous improvement of the citizen’s relationship with the administration, and according to the monitoring of a number of negative practices during the inspections that were conducted at the level of the departments in charge of civil status and biometric documents, which do not amount to the efforts of the public authorities to simplify and digitize administrative procedures. A ministerial directive set a framework addressed to the governors of the republic, in contact with the delegated governors, heads of departments and municipal people’s councils, the rules framing administrative services for civil status, identity and mobility.

The instruction referred to the most common imbalances that were monitored, such as requiring and obliging the citizen to submit additional documents, other than those stipulated by law, as well as non-compliance with the terms and conditions for good reception of the tenants and their right to information and guidance, as well as the shortcomings recorded regarding the preparation and suitability of citizens’ reception places, especially for some Categories with special needs, as well as the lack of appropriate working conditions for employees and window agents.

On the other hand, this directive stressed the priority given to the elimination of these practices and the urgent rectification of the shortcomings and imbalances recorded under the personal supervision of the governors of the republic with the active involvement of the delegated governors and heads of departments in the field follow-up of the extent of implementation of the content of the instruction in coordination with the general inspectorate of the state, in a way that guarantees the citizen access to various services with ease.

The instruction included what must be implemented in the short term, particularly ensuring respect for application processing deadlines, optimal preparation of reception venues, strengthening the means of informing and directing the user, as well as enhancing the capabilities and knowledge of the agents working at the municipal level in the field of managing files of identity documents, travel and mobility, with continuous supervision of qualified staff. Affiliated to the administrative departments and districts, while ensuring that they benefit from remote training courses, especially through the Ministry’s virtual platform.

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