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The Sahrawi President issues a presidential decree that includes the formation of the new government – the Algerian dialogue

The President of the Sahrawi Republic, Secretary General of the Polisario Front, Brahim Ghali, issued a presidential decree appointing the new government, according to a statement by the Sahrawi presidency.

And the statement of the Presidency of the Republic stated that, in accordance with the powers conferred on him by the constitution, Brother Ibrahim Ghali, President of the Republic and Secretary General of the Front, today, Tuesday, February 14, 2023, issued a presidential decree that included the appointment of the government, and the assignment was as follows:

Bushraiya Hamoudi Peon, Prime Minister.

Mohamed Sedati, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Mariam Al Salek Ahmadeh, Minister of the Interior

Muhammad Embarak Muhammad Ahmad al-Na`na, Minister of Justice and Religious Affairs.

Khatri Addoh, Minister of Education and Vocational Training.

As-Salik Bab Hasna, Minister of Public Health.

Al-Mustafa Muhammad Ali Sayed Al-Bashir, Minister of Occupied Territories and Communities.

Hamada Selma, Minister of Information.

Adeh Ibrahim Ahmeim, Minister of Water and Environment.

Al-Salik Muhammad Embarak Muhammad Fadel, Minister of Transport and Energy.

Salem Sayed Ibrahim Labsir, Minister of Construction and Reconstruction of the Liberated Territories.

Hasnetou Mohamed Ishbel, Minister of Youth and Sports.

Muhammad al-Mami al-Tamek, Minister of Personnel, Public Service and Administration Promotion.

Musa Salma Labeid, Minister of Culture.

Al-Suwailema Muhammad Biruk, Minister of Social Affairs and Women’s Promotion.

Ahmed Bishr Ammi Ammar, Minister of Trade.

Baba Ahmed Mohamed Yahdeh Avdeed, Minister of Economic Development.

Fatima Sheikh Al-Mahdi, Minister of Cooperation.

– Balahi Mohamed Fadel Al-Sayed, National Director of Protocol.

– Sayed Ahmed Eliyat Hama, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Justice and Religious Affairs, in charge of religious affairs.

Fadali Ali Boya, Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister in charge of oversight, inspection, protection of public property and the relationship with the National Council.

Madi Hayai, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Education and Vocational Training in charge of vocational training.

– Mohamed Sheikh Mohamed Lahbeeb, Secretary General of the Government.

He also made, by virtue of another presidential decree, appointments at the governor level, which are as follows:

– Al-Ghouth Mamouni, Wali of the wilaya of El-Ayoun.

Khaira Blahi, the governor of the state of Awsard.

Azza Bebe, Governor of Smara Province.

Abdou Al-Sheikh, Wali of Dakhla Province.

– Deyah Mohamed Shaddad, governor of Boujdour Province.

– Al-Daf Muhammad Fadel, the governor of the administrative and political unit of the martyr al-Hafiz.

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