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Thus, the warehouse was bought by the mayor of the French city of Metz – Al-Hiwar, Algeria

A French media outlet revealed, through an investigation into the mayor of the French city of Metz, François Grodidier, the involvement of some French elected officials and decision-makers in the despicable policy of lobbying in support of Morocco.
And “Street Press” wrote in its investigation of the suspicious relations that link this local French team with the Kingdom of Morocco, saying that François Grodidier, who has exercised a parliamentary mandate for more than two decades and is now mayor of Metz, “fiercely defends the interests of Morocco, with which he has very close political and economic relations.”
In this lengthy investigation, “Street Press” touched on the course of this French team and its closeness to Moroccan personalities known for their loyalty to the Kingdom’s intelligence, such as Adel Belkaid, “the servant of the intelligence of the royal regime, who are famous for their brutal methods, in Morocco and especially in France.”
In the year 2011, Adel Belkaid, who was then the director of the sports department in the municipality of Woebe, asked François Grodidier, a senator and mayor, to send a letter of protest to the president of the regional council of Lorraine in order to prevent the organization of a pro-independence forum for Western Sahara in the Metz hotel, which is the matter To which Groudidier obeyed at the desire of the store.
In his letter to the President of the Regional Council, François Grodidier wrote, “We are dissatisfied with the organization at the level of the dome of the Regional Council of the Lorraine region, a forum under the slogan + the right of peoples to resist: the struggles of the Sahrawi people +.”
These unfair and contradictory practices and political ethics resented some French deputies and activists. Ms. Beth Monroe, in charge of pleading against Morocco at the level of Amnesty International, said: “It is very shocking that the Moroccan authorities are trying to restrict freedom of assembly and expression in another country like France.” .

Encourage store whims

The French media also indicated that this French team “regularly” exploits the questions directed to the government in order to “transfer positions similar to those of Morocco”, inferring in this regard that this deputy stopped both the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the year 2010 regarding the issue of Western Sahara and in the year 2014 On the French reaction to the torture case brought by Moroccan boxer Zakaria Mimouni, a matter described by the French voter as a “brusque maneuver…”.
François Grodidier, in the French National Assembly and in the Senate, also held the position of Vice-President of the France-Morocco Friendship Group, a position that “enabled him to impose himself in diplomatic relations between the two countries,” according to the same newspaper.
Since his election as head of the municipality of Metz in July 2020, this French team has been striving to strengthen ties with Morocco, encouraging the whims of the Makhzen, as it led the month of October 2021, an economic mission in order to develop and support economic and trade relations between the Kingdom and France.
“The mission, consisting of about twenty economic, political and academic agents, did not go to major cities such as Rabat, Casablanca or Marrakesh, but to the city of Dakhla in Western Sahara,” according to this media outlet.
In July 2022, François Grodidier committed the city of Metz to a “partnership agreement” – twinning – with the city of El-Ayoun in occupied Western Sahara.
Grodidier’s interest in Morocco is not only limited to politics, but extends to economic interests, as indicated by the Street Press article, which revealed the real estate properties and other companies he owns in Morocco.
The investigation into the involvement of the French national team in the strategy of manipulation in favor of Morocco revealed once again the extent of the dishonest policy of the Makhzen, which does not distance itself from any shame to achieve its goals, using bribery and blackmail from unscrupulous political figures.
An email received in the Moroccan “Maroc Leaks” series (hundreds of internal electronic messages of the intelligence services leaked in 2014), dating back to January 23, 2011, revealed a list of “French pro-Moroccan decision makers” that includes about thirty names, according to French media.
The newspaper “Street Press” described François Grodidier as “one of the pillars of Parliament,” noting that “the Baron of the Moselle region has spent nearly 22 years of his career as a parliamentarian, during which he was a member of the French National Assembly for more than 13 years and nearly 9 years in the Senate.” Many years in which he multiplied pro-Moroccan interventions.

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