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Tiaret.. 3 attempts to cheat in the baccalaureate – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The Tiaret Judicial Council recorded three attempts of fraud and leakage of baccalaureate exam subjects during the past two days using communication technologies, according to what was reported today, Tuesday, by the Council’s First Assistant Prosecutor, Abdel Wahhab Kaabash.
The same official explained in a statement to the press that two cases that fell under the jurisdiction of the Shalala Palace Court were discovered by the National Gendarmerie, when two candidates tried to use their email addresses to leak the subject of Islamic Education (Etiquette and Philosophy Division) through social networking sites (Messenger).
As for the third fraud attempt, it was registered under the jurisdiction of the Tiaret court, where one of the candidates was caught leaking an exam topic using a smart phone and a watch equipped with Bluetooth technology.

The Public Prosecution opened investigations into the incidents for each of the Qasr al-Shalala and Tiaret courts, where the parties will be represented as soon as they are completed, according to the source.

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