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Tlemcen.. The Algerian People’s Loan extends electronic payment to the owners of “Adl” housing – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia

The Director General of the Algerian Popular Loan, Ali Kadri, confirmed yesterday, Saturday in Tlemcen, that the electronic payment process has been circulated to include the owners of housing in the form of rent-sale “fair” in the wilaya.

Kadri stated, while supervising, with the state authorities, the inauguration of the new headquarters of the Tlemcen Exploitation Group for the Algerian People’s Loan and the new agency “Ibn Khamis” (437) and a digital space belonging to it, that the same banking institution has circulated the electronic payment service to also include the owners of “justice” housing in the wilaya to pay dues rent across this digital space.

The same official highlighted that this process, which has been in operation since the beginning of this March, is taking place “in a safe and free manner from the home and from a mobile phone, which spares the owners of housing + justice + the trouble of moving around to pay rent dues.”

On the other hand, Qadri indicated that the bank contributes to the realization of all programs and measures set by the public authorities within the framework of keeping pace with the country’s economic development, and that several other operations will be embodied, such as the development of Islamic banking, which in 2020 achieved satisfactory results for the bank.

The first official of the Algerian People’s Loan stated that two banks will be opened in Senegal and Mauritania, in coordination between the institution that it supervises, the National Bank of Algeria, the Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development, and the Algerian Foreign Bank, to allow Algerian institutions to raise the rate of dealing and facilitate economic exchange between Algeria and these two countries and their neighboring countries.

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