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To find out the reality of agriculture, starting this Saturday, an information mission about the Agriculture Committee of the National Assembly in Khenchela – Al-Hiwar Algeria

A temporary information mission on the Committee of Agriculture and Rural Development of the National Assembly will visit the wilaya of Khenchela to find out the reality of agriculture and rural development, starting from tomorrow, Saturday, until the 22nd of this month, according to a statement by the parliament.

The same source explained that, “assigned by the Speaker of the National Assembly, Salih Goujil, and pursuant to the provisions of Article 137 (paragraph 2) of the constitution and Articles 50 and 51 of the internal system of the National Assembly, a temporary information mission is made about the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee in the National Assembly, in the period between February 18 and 22, 2023, with a visit to the wilaya of Khenchela, in order to find out about the reality of agriculture and rural development, as well as to see the programs of the marine fishing sector and fishing products, especially aquaculture in the wilaya.

The delegation of the temporary information mission – adds the same source – consists of “the head of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development in the National Assembly, Abdul Majeed Mukhtar, the deputy head of the committee, Abdel Nasser Zenaki, and members of the committee are Abdullah Misk, Muhammad Qadous, Nabil Oradi, Ammar bin Muammar and Mustafa coward”.

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