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Zitouni: That is why we cannot control the prices of sacrificial animals

Today, Thursday, the Minister of Trade and Export Promotion, Tayeb Zitouni, attributed the reason for the rise in livestock prices during this year to the inability to control unsubsidized prices, which are subject to the law of supply and demand.

The minister’s clarifications came today, Thursday, on the sidelines of the opening of the “Algeria Forum for Investment and Export” at the Exhibition Palace, where he revealed that he had drawn up a list to harness 52,325 merchants to ensure continuity during the holiday. “We have started preparing for Eid al-Adha, which will be in 4 days for the first time, followed by a weekend,” he said.

The minister also talked about inflating the bills, which reached 50 percent in a previous stage, and said, “Importation is not a defect and is not forbidden, but it must be in a rational manner, and whoever takes one franc from the public treasury must return it to the treasury,” threatening them with judicial follow-up.

Zitouni presented during the forum the economic components and indicators that Algeria abounds in. In the context, the minister stressed that the entry into operation of the phosphate plant will in turn allow Algeria to be one of the main countries in the export of fertilizers in the world, and it is expected that it will produce more than six (6) million tons of phosphate products annually, while Algeria aspires to reach nearly 13 billion. dollars of exports at the end of 2023.

The Minister of Commerce also talked about opening platforms to promote the national product, as a first stage, in Niger, Mauritania and Senegal, and we will work hard to develop a promotional platform for Algerian products in other countries, such as Cameroon and Ivory Coast. And he sent many promising projects, the most important of which is the development and exploitation of mining wealth through the completion of several structured projects, similar to the exploitation of the huge “Ghar Djebeilat” mine, which will classify Algeria in the ranks of the largest countries that own iron reserves in the world.

The Minister of Trade stressed that Algeria has a developed infrastructure of modern ports, international airports and a railway network, which enables it to develop its logistical capabilities to occupy a major center for trade in Africa, in addition to the embodiment of structural projects with a continental dimension, such as the Trans-Saharan Road project, which is considered one of the most prominent major projects that have been implemented. The country is betting on it to enter the African market, which includes more than seven hundred million people (700), at the level of the six (6) countries that will be linked to this road, which are: “Algeria, Tunisia, Mali, Niger, Chad, Nigeria,” where he represents The part that connects Algeria and Lagos, passing through Niger, the backbone of the project, with a distance of 4,500 km, and it is the project that will constitute a major axis for the development of non-hydrocarbon trade and economic activities between North and West Africa.

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