3 years of President Tebboune’s rule.. The citizen is at the center of priorities, and protecting his purchasing power is an unrelenting battle – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

During the past three years, under the leadership of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, Algeria managed to achieve a pioneering democratic and developmental experience, based on a smooth political transition that takes into account constitutional principles and popular will, and an economic boom based on valuing national capabilities and liberating youth initiatives and energies.

This experience received wide international praise by many international bodies and specialized research laboratories, which unanimously agreed, through various reports and observations issued by them, to note the positive results of the reform workshops that Abdelmadjid Tebboune initiated after his election as President of the Republic in December 2019, through a comprehensive strategy based on a political vision. It is clear that the Algerian people and the various living forces in the country gathered around it.

In his first speech after taking the constitutional oath, President Tebboune gave the most important axes of this strategy, which he said aimed at “restoring the people’s confidence in their state and rallying around it in order to ensure its stability and future,” while restoring the state’s prestige by “arranging priorities and responding to deep and legitimate aspirations.” To the people towards a radical change in the style of government.

The major workshop was launched to restore the prestige of the state by completing the institutional building in parallel with the ethics of public life, combating all forms of corruption, and devoting the independence of justice, which continues its war against those who caused damage to institutions and plundered public money, as the country, with its institutions and constitutional bodies, reached a stage with which the face of Algeria was marked with confidence in present and hope for the future.

And those bright features of the new Algeria were marked in the year 2022 through the embodiment of more than 80 percent of the 54 commitments of the President of the Republic, as the country has thus passed important stages, achieved the most difficult, and is moving steadily towards the summit, which is its deserved and natural position.

The thorny path of rebuilding was achieved in a short period of time and in a difficult geo-political and economic climate through a consensual atmosphere prepared by the President of the Republic by conducting extensive consultations with all political, economic and social partners in order to achieve consensus on important national issues and to form a national front in which everyone participates to raise the various challenges facing Algeria ably confronts it.

During this year, the new Algeria continued to build its foundations with strong constitutional institutions that guarantee the embodiment of the principles of participatory democracy, independence, the rule of decision and the fight against corruption. The pledges that President Tebboune sought to achieve on the ground with the aim of restoring the confidence of the citizen based on monitoring the work of officials and ensuring the implementation of government decisions and the application of the laws of the Republic.

The installation of these constitutional bodies comes after those whose structures were drawn up or renewed during the first two years of President Tebboune’s term, and related to the three legislative, executive, and judicial powers, in the framework of rebuilding institutions that enjoy the people’s trust, preserve their rights, and enshrine public freedoms.

This endeavor was particularly noted by the member states of the United Nations Human Rights Council, which unanimously agreed, when reviewing Algeria’s fourth universal periodic report last month, to praise Algeria’s success in establishing a solid institutional building with the approach of promoting basic rights and public freedoms, and highlighted the effectiveness of open reform workshops to promote these Rights.

The citizen is at the heart of priorities.. and protecting his purchasing power is an unending battle

With regard to the social character of the state, the President of the Republic affirmed that it is “a firm belief that we will not abandon” through measures to support the purchasing power of the citizen, despite the difficult economic situation created by the repercussions of the global health crisis.

In his third meeting with the governors of the republic last September, the President of the Republic promised that the year 2023 will be full of new measures that will benefit the simple citizen, who he said “remains the priority and focus of the state’s attention.”

The Finance Bill for the year 2023 promoted social gains through measures to improve the purchasing power of the citizen, maintain subsidies for items with wide consumption, and raise wages without including any new taxes. Practical measures in the field of combating all forms of speculation that burdened the citizen allowed the Restoring things to normal after the catering operations and the abundance of materials have stabilized.

President Tebboune has ordered the preparation of application texts that will allow raising wages, retirement grants, and unemployment grants to start pouring financial increases, starting next January.

Prior to that, by order of the President of the Republic, all persons earning wages not exceeding 30,000 DZD were exempted from gross income tax, in addition to reducing the gross income tax rate for the benefit of more than 9 million people.

In total, the annual budget allocated for social transfers has exceeded 5,000 billion DZD, including both direct and implicit transfers.

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