50,000 new cases of various types of cancer were recorded in 2022 – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryya

Hamida Kuttab, Secretary-General of the Al-Amal Association for Helping Cancer Patients, confirmed today, Sunday, the continued rise in lung and breast cancer, but she expressed optimism that the situation would change immediately in light of the citizens’ culture of early examination and the emergence of signs of relief.

A book on the waves of the national radio reminded that 50,000 new cases of various types of cancer were recorded in 2022, led by breast cancer with 15,000 new cases, in addition to the exacerbation of cervical cancer, in contrast to the registration of 3,000 new cases of lung, colon and prostate cancer in men.

Kuttab noted that Algeria has implemented very modern protocols in the fight against cancer, in addition to its recognition of the existence of fluctuations in the levels of drugs and radiotherapy, considering that the current problem is a “management problem,” but highlighted that the situation has improved with the activation of fifty accelerators compared to what happened in 2012.

Kuttab revealed: “We have 3 accelerators in Adrar, but they have been stopped for a year and a half due to a purely administrative problem.” However, signs of relief are emerging – according to her – through the establishment of a specialized body for machinery maintenance, which has borne fruit in Sidi Bel Abbas and the Valley.

The Secretary of the Association for Aiding Cancer Patients warned that the scarcity of medicines is a very serious problem for cancer patients, so she called for activating effective management that goes beyond scarcity, adding: “All medicines must be available, especially the new ones that give a lot of hope.”

And the same spokeswoman instructed: “Cancer is no longer the dreaded boogeyman, but rather it has a cure and can be avoided.”

Kuttab stressed that the fight against cancer begins with prevention, early detection and correct information, praising the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, for making the fight against cancer a national priority.

Kuttab stated that the funds of the National Cancer Control Fund were not used, but confirmed the change in the situation in a direction that pushes for a rational use of these funds, stressing that the greatest investment is in prevention, and went on to explain: “The factors of cancer are summarized in physical inactivity, proper nutrition, fast eating, and smoking. Which remains the cause of half of lung cancers and passed from men to women, warning that “shisha smoking is very dangerous.”

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