60 percent of the progress of the work of the “Fiat” plant in Oran – Al-Houar Algeria

The governor of Oran, El-Said Saoud, said that the progress of the works at the “Fiat” car factory has reached 60 percent, and it is moving at an accelerated pace.

Today, Tuesday, Al-Saeed Saeed confirmed, during his supervision of the installation of contractors in charge of the operations of preparing the external spaces of the factory, that the completion rate exceeded 60 percent, adding that the pace of completion is very accelerated, in order to start producing and marketing the first car at the end of the year and the beginning of the next year. In the context, the governor confirmed that the officials of the Fiat factory in Algeria. We are committed to producing and marketing the first car at the end of this year and the beginning of the next.

The governor, Saeed Saeed, said that the factory will be received on the 31st of August, with trial production operations to start during the coming months of September and October.

During the visit, the governor of Oran ordered the institutions in charge of the external preparation works to respect the agreed deadlines, to raise the pace of the works and to finish them on the specified date, as the works began this morning after all the necessary networks were connected to that, and they number 3 contractors in charge of the external preparation works of the factory in the region. Tafrawi Industrial Estate will operate on an 8/3 system.
Saeed Saeed explained that the first area is the 40-hectare area of ​​​​the “Fiat” factory, and the second area is dedicated to the expansion of the “Fiat” company, which is estimated at 40 hectares as well, while the third area is 40 hectares designated for investors who wish to complete their investments or factories. Oriented handling and installation of cars and spare parts.

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