9 archaeological sites in Tipaza are nominated for classification within the protected properties

The Director of Culture and Arts for the state of Tipaza, Tahirat Sabiha, revealed that 9 archaeological sites have been nominated to be classified within the list of locally protected cultural properties.

Tahirat Sabiha said today, Saturday, in a statement to the APS, that the classification file is technically and administratively ready and is waiting to be programmed before the state committee for the classification of cultural property within the framework of Law 04/98 related to the protection of cultural heritage and its valuation as locally protected monuments to be added to the list of cultural property. Which abounds in the state of Tipaza. It is related to archaeological sites that research and excavations have proven to date back to the Phoenician, Roman and Ottoman periods, including 5 sites distributed in the municipality of Tipaza, two sites located in the territory of the municipality of Cherchell, and one site in each of the municipalities of Ain Taqurait and Qorayet in the far west of the state .

And among the 9 sites proposed for local classification, the director of the sector expected the nomination of two sites before the National Committee to classify them as protected national monuments, after the approval of the state committee to classify them as local protected landmarks, which are the western cemetery of the city of Tipaza that dates back to the Phoenician period and the Caravan Saray Hotel Barchal (Ottoman period).

The site of the western cemetery, which covers an area of ​​129,865 square meters, contains archaeological and historical features that allow the visitor to learn about the method of burial and funeral preparation during the Phoenician period through coffin carvings and artifacts that were found.

Regarding the archaeological site “Caravan Serai Hotel”, which is located in the city of Cherchell and dates back to the Ottoman period, Tarharat confirmed that it contains archaeological and architectural features that can be valued through its restoration and exploitation as a site added to the list of sites that attract tourists.

With regard to the rest of the sites proposed for classification locally, they are no less important, especially the site of “Bourj el-Nabout” in Cherchell, which dates back to the Ottoman period, and is located in the upper reaches of the city, where at that time it formed a fortress to guard and secure the city, in addition to the sites of “Bab al-Qaysariyya Cesari” and “Bab Icosium” in the city of Tipaza, which dates back to the Roman period.

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