A cooperation agreement between the Anti-Corruption Authority and the National Observatory for Civil Society – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaery

The Higher Authority for Transparency, Prevention and Combating Corruption concluded an agreement with the National Observatory for Civil Society with the aim of promoting the values ​​of citizenship and the culture of combating corruption.

This agreement aims to consolidate participatory democracy and promote a culture of active and responsible citizen participation, especially in the field of ethics of public life and the prevention and control of corruption. The head of the Supreme Authority for Transparency and the Prevention and Combating of Corruption, Salima Masrati, and the head of the National Observatory for Civil Society, Noureddine Ben Brahem, at the headquarters of Authority.

The agreement defines areas of cooperation between the two bodies in contributing to promoting the values ​​of citizenship and the culture of rejecting and combating corruption through campaigns of sensitization, awareness and encouragement of reporting, as well as the joint organization of events, the preparation of joint studies and research work, and the exchange of information and digital data related to the prevention and control of corruption, as well as those related to civil society organizations and activities.

In the same context, Ben Brahm stressed that “the agreement comes with the aim of conferring the status of tribal prevention that depends on educating the citizen so that he can develop his capabilities that enable him to manage the affairs of associations away from all forms of suspicion,” in addition to consolidating the culture of citizenship around notification, which “constitutes a mechanism A preventive approach that builds a governance model that enhances transparency at the local and national levels.

Ben Brahem considered that the agreement would represent an exercise for the observatory to enhance its “primary goal of building the capacities of civil society associations,” by forming a new movement that promotes democratic practice in accordance with transparency and accountability, and presenting the results in a way that enhances the common safe environment that embodies trust between citizens and various institutions.

For her part, Masrati explained that Article 205 of the 2020 Constitution and Law 22-08 specifying the organization of the supreme authority, its formation and powers, have singled out several aspects of the need to involve civil society in the field of preventing corruption, especially by promoting civil society in promoting integrity, transparency and accountability.

She emphasized that the authority took the initiative to adopt a participatory method in order to establish the Algerian Transparency Network called “We See You” with the aim of creating an alliance that includes civil society actors, including national and local associations, university researchers, and journalism and media professionals, to contribute to sensitization, training and exchange of information and experiences.

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