A cooperation agreement for the Algiers Telecom Complex aims to promote energy efficiency and develop renewable energies – Al-Hiwar Algeria

The Algeria Telecom Group and the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Governorate signed, Thursday in Algiers, a framework cooperation agreement aimed at promoting energy efficiency and developing renewable energies in the telecommunications sector.

The agreement was signed by the President and Director General of the complex, Khaled Zarat, and the Governor of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, Professor Noureddine Yasaa, at the headquarters of the Algeria Telecom Group, in the presence of the executives of the two institutions.

During the signing ceremony of this agreement, the two parties stressed the importance of this initiative, which allows the development of renewable energies in the complex and the rationalization of energy consumption, which is consistent with the commitments of the country’s supreme authorities aimed at rationalizing energy consumption and preserving the country’s resources.

The two parties agreed to implement this agreement through the establishment of a joint working committee to monitor the achievements, with the aim of developing a policy for energy saving in the telecommunications sector by identifying potential capabilities to reduce energy consumption and developing specific programs to achieve this.

Yassa stressed the role of the governorate, which seeks, through this agreement, to support the Algeria Telecom complex from a strategic and technical point of view, in order to improve the energy management of the complex, by harnessing its scientific and practical experience in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energies.

He appreciated the complex’s efforts in the field of developing renewable energies, referring to the governorate’s latest statistical report, which shows the extent of integrating renewable and clean energies at the level of the telecommunications sector, considering it “one of the most prominent development sectors in this field.”

According to the governorate’s data, Mr. Yasa’a stated that the equivalent of 2000 kilowatts of solar energy and combined solar energy has been installed in the sector, along with other energies. He also stressed that this endeavor falls within the framework of applying the state’s approach to expanding the use of renewable energies in the economic sectors and even at the departmental level.

For his part, Zarat stressed that this agreement coincides with the approach of the Algeria Telecom Group, which has adopted a sustainable policy aimed at reducing energy consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in all its economic institutions across the entire national territory, referring to the huge investment programs that have been allocated in the fields of technology and telecommunications. and wireless.

And he stressed that the results of these investments “began to be evident through huge achievements in recent times,” explaining that the current total equipped capacity amounted to 7.8 terabytes / second, after it was estimated at 1.5 terabytes / second at the beginning of 2020.

He added that this huge investment also allowed for the provision of appropriate conditions for the embodiment of the complex’s work program in its part related to the deployment of fiber optic technology, with the aim of connecting two-thirds of homes, equivalent to 6 million households, to fixed internet by the end of 2024.

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