A digital platform to facilitate the involvement of producers in the public system for the recovery of packaging waste – El Hewar Algeria

The National Waste Agency announced, in a statement on Tuesday, the launch of a digital platform to facilitate the involvement of producers and holders of packaging materials in the public system for the retrieval and valorization of packaging waste “Ecocollect”.
The “Ecocollect” system consists of collecting financial contributions from producers or holders of packaging materials from marketers or importers of various commodities, with the aim of re-employing them in providing practical and sustainable solutions for the handling of packaging waste by the National Waste Agency in cooperation with the various actors concerned (local groups). , public bodies, economic operators, as well as civil society, etc.).
And the value of the financial contributions is determined according to the covalent network and according to the annual declaration of the participant related to the total weight of the package used before it was separated during marketing, consumption or use, the statement clarifies.
This system, which enshrines the principle of “polluter driving”, aims to develop and evaluate waste sorting, transportation and treatment activities, which constitute one of the founding tasks of the National Waste Agency.
And thanks to the “Ecocollect” system, the participant assumes his legal and environmental obligations by contributing to the process of organizing waste valorization divisions and developing the waste valorization market while benefiting from marketing advantages through the inclusion of the “Ecocollect” mark in product packaging as a green fingerprint that allows the consumer to know that the owner of the product is involved In the public system for the recovery and valuation of waste, and contributed financially to the process of managing the materials offered by him after the consumption process and its transformation into waste.
This process culminates in the conclusion of an agreement between the National Agency of Waste and the producer or holder of waste, according to the same source.
As a reminder, packaging waste represents 30 percent of the total household and similar waste produced annually in Algeria, i.e. no less than 3.3 million tons, with an estimated economic value of 122 billion DZD, according to the data of the national waste information system.

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