A memorial stay for the Mujahid sheikh, the imam Muhammad al-Taher Ait Aaljat, tomorrow in the capital – Al-Hiwar Algeria

The Directorate of Religious Affairs and Endowments of the Wilaya of Algiers announced a eulogy for the Mujahid Sheikh, Imam Mohamed Al-Taher Ait Iljat, at the House of the Holy Qur’an, “Sheikh Ahmed Sahnoun”, tomorrow, Friday, after the Asr prayer.
And the same statement stated that “in loyalty to the Mujahid sheikh, Imam Muhammad al-Tahir Ait Ialjat, a memorial service will be held at the House of the Noble Qur’an, Sheikh Ahmed Sahnoun, on Friday after the Asr prayer.”
His Eminence Sheikh Allama, Muhammad al-Tahir Ait Ialjat, who spent his life in the niches of knowledge, passed away to God’s mercy on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, at the age of 106 years.
At the hands of the late Ait Ialjt, many talented students who took the lead in the intellectual and religious scene in Algeria graduated, similar to the late former minister Mouloud Kacem Nait Belkacem and the late Sheikh Abu Abdel Salam. The deceased, who is considered one of the most prominent clerics and jurisprudence in Algeria, also left many books, Among them is a book in the form of memoirs that tells his biography, the history of the Algerian revolution and his assessment of the events, an audio recording of his explanation of Ibn Abi Zayd al-Qayrawani’s treatise, and an anthology of the series Sharh al-Muwatta’.

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