A new mechanism to follow up the disbursement of public funds at the municipal level – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The Ministry of the Interior and Local Communities announced the entry into service of a new information system, related to the continuous follow-up of the financial situation of each municipality at the end of each month, with the aim of consolidating the principle of transparency in the management of public funds.

A statement by the Ministry of Interior stated, today, Monday, that the step falls within the framework of modernizing local management and achieving efficiency and effectiveness in implementing the budget, and it entered into force on December 11. The new information system, which includes four levels, starting from the interests of the municipality, then the department and the state, and finally the central administration, aims to provide local actors with the real and accurate status of financial liquidity at the level of municipal treasuries, and then prioritize the implementation of public expenditures.

The statement adds that the new information system will enable all officials at the local and central levels to monitor the use of financial allocations, know the level of total spending, the level of revenue collection, financial availability at the end of each month and at the end of each fiscal year, and anticipate financial difficulties that may be encountered at the level of each municipality, and then take action. necessary proactive in order to avoid them.

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