A new outcome in the fight against terrorism – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

Following a qualitative operation carried out in Tamiouine, detachments of People’s National Army managed, in coordination with the competent security services, in the period from November 28 to December 2, 2022, to arrest three terrorists belonging to terrorist groups active in the Sahel region.

According to a statement issued by the Ministry of National Defense, issued today, Thursday, regarding terrorists:

  • Maybarki Sheikh, nicknamed “Al-Hassan”
  • Sully Al-Hassan, nicknamed “Al-Doshaqi”
  • Baba Ahmed Badah of Malian nationality.

In the same operation, three elements of support for terrorism were arrested, according to the same source. These are:

  • Dalali Mohamed is of Malian nationality
  • Oqba Kent Sharif
  • And the obstacle of Ahmed’s daughter

The source stressed that “these positive and decisive results of the various units of the People’s National Army come to confirm the determination and determination of our forces to eliminate the phenomenon of terrorism in our country.”

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