A new stage in the project to manufacture “Fiat” cars in Algeria – El Hewar Algeria

Signed Stellantis Complex (STELLANTIS)on the new book of conditions for cars, and an agreement with the Algerian Agency for Investment Promotion (AAPI)In implementation of the framework agreement signed last October to launch a project to manufacture cars in Algeria for the Italian “Fiat” brand, which is affiliated with the complex..

The signing of the agreement yesterday evening, Tuesday, by the Director General of the Algerian Agency for Investment Promotion, Omar Rakkach, and the representative of the “Stellantis” complex, Boutahra Hakim, in the presence of the Minister of Industry, Ahmed Zagdar, and the CEO of Operations for Africa and the Middle East in the complex, Samir Cherfan, according to a joint statement by the Ministry. Industry and the “Stellantis” group, which is the agreement that comes in the wake of the issuance of Decree No. 22-384 of November 17, which defines the conditions and procedures for practicing the activity of the vehicle industry in Algeria.

This is the second phase of the project after the signing last October with the Ministry of Industry of a framework agreement that stipulates the development of industrial activities for cars, after-sales services and spare parts for the “Fiat” company, one of the trademarks of the “Stelantis” group, in addition to the development of the automotive division in Algeria, the Minister of Industry has registered the STELLANTIS Group’s commitment to the FIAT project, which represents an opportunity to develop and diversify the automotive division in Algeria.

“We are moving forward with passion and rigor, and we want to offer Algerian consumers modern, sustainable and affordable mobility solutions,” Cherfan said.

The “FIAT” car factory will be established in the municipality of Tafraoui, in the province of Oran, on a real estate container of 40 hectares, and another adjacent area of ​​80 hectares allocated for the settlement of local suppliers and handling companies in order to develop a real ecosystem through a local integration scheme, as part of a plan aimed at increasing the skills of the actors present in Algeria, and finding new actors in order to achieve the required merger rates in the book of conditions and beyond, and the initial production capacity of the factory will reach 60,000 cars annually, starting from the first year, and will reach 90,000 vehicles annually, according to the same source.

In its Strategic Plan 2030, STELLANTIS announced its ambition to reach a production capacity of one million vehicles annually by 2030 in the Africa and Middle East region, thus achieving industrial independence by 70 percent. This strategy is based on three integrated pillars, which are developing a fabric of high-performance suppliers and Contribute to the establishment of higher and professional training courses for the automotive industry and the production, marketing and export of vehicles in accordance with international standards.

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