A Qatari-Algerian partnership to realize a pharmaceutical factory in Algeria – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia

The Minister of Pharmaceutical Industry, Ali Aoun, received today, Thursday, at the Ministry’s headquarters, the Ambassador of the State of Qatar to Algeria, Abdel Aziz Ali Nehme.

The meeting, which falls within the framework of strengthening Algerian-Qatari relations, allowed them to discuss the possibility and opportunities of bilateral cooperation in the field of the pharmaceutical industry, with a view to developing partnership and promoting the export of pharmaceuticals to Qatar.

The two parties also agreed to inform the Ministry of Public Health of the State of Qatar of the list of medicines manufactured in Algeria to support their export to the sister country, in order to present the potential for investment in the pharmaceutical field and to encourage and support dealers in the field.

The two parties also discussed the possibilities of investing in the pharmaceutical field through a Qatari-Algerian partnership to establish a factory in Algeria.

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