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Minister of Youth and Sports Abdel Razzaq Sabaq announced, yesterday, Thursday, in the National People’s Assembly, that the government will study a file soon to consider another approach, related to the issue of granting financial aid to sports clubs, calling for the need for the sports family to be aware and change mindsets in this field.

In his response to the question of Representative Lazhar Dagla from Toqart, the minister said about the financial deficit and the debts that local football suffers from, which caused – according to him – the emigration of many “distinguished” players: “The state cannot continue to grant subsidies to sports clubs in general.” And football especially. There is a file that the government will soon study to consider another approach to this issue. The awareness of the sports family must be engineered and mindsets changed in this field.

The minister added, “Logic says that football clubs are “commercial clubs.” The funds granted are directed to develop the level of young groups and amateur clubs.” (Moving from one club to another), and the benefit is according to a contract concluded between the two parties.

Sabaq called for “rationalizing expenditures and adopting governance in management. The federal or club official should have an educational level and possess the alphabet of adult management, and this is what we were keen to confirm in the legal texts that were recently issued by the sector.”

In another concern raised by Representative Ibrahim proud about the role of the Ministry of Youth and Sports in equipping and guiding the role of youth and sports facilities in the Great South (Ilizi and Djanet) and the reason for the delay in the completion of projects, the representative of the government gave an example of supervising football clubs, saying: “I gave directives to the President of the Algerian Football Federation To ensure the subscriptions of all the teams of the Great South or those in a fragile situation across the country. There is a file being prepared in order to compensate her from the state budget. This matter is covered by him.”

With regard to “the sector’s vacant facilities that do not find anyone to supervise them in Elysee and Djanet,” according to MP Fakhr, the minister said: “The sector has been suffering from a hiring freeze, like other sectors, since 2015. We are trying to enter into a participatory approach with civil society and credible associations to directly undertake the management of sports structures, according to their program at the local level.”

Sobak continued: “Saying that the projects that are in the process of being completed in the two aforementioned states are recording delays, this is not true. Six youth and sports facilities (swimming pools and playgrounds, artificial turf) have been inaugurated, and others are 98 percent complete. The coverage in this field is not bad compared to their population,” stressing that these establishments “were funded by various funds and development programs.”

The minister stressed the need to “avoid the consequences of re-evaluating sports and youth projects, as well as the availability of an organizational structure in the two aforementioned states, capable of managing them (the Youth Institutions Office and others).”

On the other hand, a member of the National People’s Assembly, Nasser Bouglatia, suggested to the Minister of Youth and Sports, “organizing a forum on the energies and competencies that the sector abounds in, and setting a plan to achieve the goals that emerge from this meeting.”

At the same time, the deputy referred to “the problem of integrating young people who graduated from specialized institutes and who continue to suffer from unemployment in many sports facilities and centers,” suggesting also “to direct them to primary schools, and this is despite the employment of this category in positions affiliated with the sector, as well as the renewal of the frameworks of the central administration.” Ministry of Youth and Sports with other competencies.

The minister responded to these concerns, saying: “We periodically organize meetings with sports executives, during which we discuss many topics and all aspects related to the sector, in the presence of academic professors who have a great experience in the field, and the appointment to senior positions takes place according to the university level and the experience gained when it comes to management.” “.

In this context, the representative of the government spoke about “the competencies that he used during the 2022 Mediterranean Games in Oran, including the members of the Scientific Committee, which was installed, by the way, under the supervision of 14 executives, between a doctor and a professor, who were assigned to follow up the activity of all federations in a scientific and professional manner.”

Regarding the issue of integrating young people who have obtained certificates, Sabaq said: “Do not think that 1,600 young people who have been integrated into work positions belonging to our sector are unemployed. All of them play the role assigned to them, and they cannot all be included in the mathematical framework within primary schools.

There are some of them who obtain training in physical education, for example, and we cannot integrate them into the national education sector. This action should involve the government.”

As for MP Mukhtar Busaiba (Al-Manea), he raised the concern about “the lack of collective sports facilities in the Wilayat of Al-Manea, which do not meet the needs of the population.”

In response to this concern, the minister said: “We will take this matter into consideration in the upcoming investment development programs for the sector – 2023, and this applies to all new states.” The governorate of El-Manea will benefit from the restoration and preparation of seven sports facilities, especially the covering of two stadiums with artificial turf in Hassi Lefahel and Hassi El-Qarah. As for the El-Manea stadium, which is in a bad condition, it belongs to the municipality. It should be attached to the sector so that it can also benefit from a renewal process.

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