A special security scheme to secure the New Year’s Eve – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The General Command of the National Gendarmerie has drawn up a special security plan to secure the New Year’s Eve 2023, which includes strengthening security formations, strengthening surveillance patrols and securing public places, the statement of the security apparatus, today, Saturday.

He explained that “coinciding with the advent of the New Year (2023) and the winter school holidays, which necessarily witness the influx of significant numbers of citizens to parks, entertainment spaces and tourist areas across the entire national territory, in addition to the movement of foreign residents and arrivals in the framework of tourism, especially in our great south, Preparing a special security plan.

In view of the heavy movement of people and vehicles during this period, and with the aim of ensuring the passage of this annual event in a safe and tranquil atmosphere, “special procedures have been prepared for this occasion, based on well-studied security plans that include raids of crime dens and suspicious areas, as well as hotbeds of crime.”

These measures include “establishing a fixed and mobile security formation across all roads and transportation axes, public places, public squares, entertainment spaces, and other places that witness gatherings of citizens, in order to secure traffic and ensure traffic liquidity, as well as preserve the safety of citizens and their property.”

The procedures for securing this event are based on “strengthening the fixed and mobile formations of the National Gendarmerie with human resources, mobile and specialized equipment, intensifying patrols, and strengthening the operations of securing and monitoring public places, including air surveillance around the clock, day and night.”

The National Gendarmerie Command stated that its units across the entire national territory “remain at the service of citizens and put at their disposal all means contributing to achieving their security and providing a helping hand, such as the green number 1055 and the My Way page on Facebook, in addition to the website for prior complaints and remote inquiries ppgn.mdn .dz.”

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