Abdali orders the liquidation of pensioners’ files in less than a month – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The Director General of the National Retirement Fund, Jaafar Abdali, instructed officials to respect the deadlines set for the liquidation of retirees’ files and the necessity of optimal care for them.

Yesterday, Tuesday, Abdali stressed, during a working visit and an inspection of the local agency, Annaba, the necessity of optimal care for retirees and ensuring that the period of liquidation of files is remedied and that it does not exceed 15 days for orphaned widows, those with rights, and that the period of study, treatment and liquidation of the rest of the files does not exceed 20 days at most. Appreciation, and the provision of good conditions that allow them to perform their duties to the fullest, pointing out that the calm social climate contributes to increasing the profitability of institutions, according to a statement by the National Retirement Fund.

After listening to the concerns of a number of retirees, Abdali recommended regarding the trop perçu process, the need to intensify monitoring efforts and work to reduce the excess amount received while putting in place mechanisms that ensure its retrieval. Keeping pace with the dynamic of change pursued by the Directorate General of the National Pension Fund within the framework of the state’s vision that requires the use of a new management style, in addition to working to provide a good reception for the fund’s beneficiaries and optimal care for their concerns.

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