Abdel Bari Krum: I seek to honor Algeria in the singer of Sharjah, and this is what I will focus on – the Algerian dialogue

Vocalist Abdel Bari Krum, the representative of Algeria in the “Sharjah Munshid” program in its 14th edition, said that his mother was the one who conveyed the news of his qualification to him, and described the matter as great.

Krum said, in a statement to Al-Hiwar, that he was satisfied with his performance in the qualifiers that were held in Algeria, under the leadership of vocalist Abdel Rahman Bouhabila and Kamal Zarrouk, where I knew about the participation of about 197 contestants whose dream was to win a qualifying visa and represent Algeria, and commented on the matter by saying : “I was satisfied with my performance in the qualifiers that were held in Algeria, and the comment of Professor Abd al-Rahman Buhabila and Kamal Razzouk on my participation was positive, and success from God Almighty, and I was only a reason.”

And about the Algerian participation throughout the editions of the singing demonstration number one, he said: “The Algerian participation has always been distinguished, and I will strive to represent Algeria in the best way, and I will also focus on several colors in the program, especially the Algerian one.”

The list of singers who qualified for the new session of the program includes Abdulaziz Alawi from Saudi Arabia, Yahya Nadi from Egypt, Abdel Bari Krum from Algeria, Ezzeddine Al-Issawi from Morocco, Muhammad Al-Masha’ala from Jordan, Uday Al-Akhras from Palestine, Issa Shammout from Syria, and Sultan. Daoud Al Ali from the Emirates, Abdullah Al-Omari from Lebanon, Mukhlad Al-Jabri from the Sultanate of Oman, Muhammad Al-Rifai from Iraq, and Muhammad Al-Wafi Idris from Libya.

The program had conducted performance tests in 7 Arab stations, which included the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Algeria, the Sultanate of Oman, Morocco, Jordan, the Arab Republic of Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, and allowed talented people of different nationalities to apply to test their voices in the stations closest to them, in addition to receiving requests to test voices from everywhere in the world. world to share online.

In terms of the number of applicants interviewed by the examination committees at each station, 27 participants applied to participate in the program in Saudi Arabia, 34 in Oman, 41 in the UAE, 270 in Egypt, 197 in Algeria, 205 in Morocco, and 34 in Jordan. participants, while the number of participants through the Internet reached 624 participants from several nationalities.

Hanan Hamlawy

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