Aboul Gheit: The first Arab-Chinese summit is of special importance – the Algerian dialogue

The Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, affirmed that the first Arab-Chinese summit hosted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on December 9, is of special importance, as it aims to deepen friendship, cooperation and strategic partnership between the Arab and Chinese sides.

Aboul Gheit said, in an exclusive interview with Xinhua news agency prior to the summit, that the Arab-Chinese summit is of great importance, as it brings together the Chinese leadership with the leaders of Arab countries for the first time, and that it comes as a culmination of the Arab-Chinese Cooperation Forum that was held in 2004. He added that the two sides constitute two very large bodies, as China includes 1.4 billion people and the Arab world constitutes about 400 million citizens, which highlights the importance of this relationship between the two sides.

President Xi Jinping arrived in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, on a visit that will last from December 7-10, during which he will hold three summits between China-Saudi Arabia, China-Gulf, and China-Arab.

He added that the first Arab-Chinese summit will issue many documents dealing with everything related to relations between the two sides, stressing that they are “comprehensive strategic cooperation documents, as the Arab world needs the Chinese vision, the Chinese effort, the Chinese development, the Chinese investments, and China needs the friendships of the Arab parties.”

In this regard, he made it clear that an important document on Arab-Chinese relations will be issued at the summit and represent a complete umbrella under the name of the “Riyadh Declaration.” A second document will also be issued on comprehensive cooperation between Arab countries and China in all fields, taking into account the interests of all parties participating in this summit. The third document comes under the title “Deepening Strategic Cooperation”.

He noted that “the Arab-Chinese summit is being prepared for about two full years, and therefore all documents that will emerge from the summit have been discussed and dealt with by all parties,” stressing that the three documents have been fully discussed by China and all Arab countries and will be approved in Riyadh.

Hours before the Arab-Chinese summit, the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States expressed his full confidence that it will be a successful summit that will achieve mutual interests and benefits for the Arab and Chinese sides, and lead to the continuity of this relationship within a strategic framework in the future.

He stressed that the first Arab-Chinese summit will be an opportunity to listen to the visions of the leaders, President Xi Jinping, and how he sees this region and its problems, as well as the global situation in its current form, and that the Arab leaders will present their vision during the summit.

He pointed out that the idea of ​​the summit came in 2019 during the ministerial meeting of the Cooperation Forum, which witnessed a very Arab ministerial presence of about 20 foreign ministers from 21 Arab countries, where he suggested to the Chinese foreign minister to raise this relationship to the level of the summit, so he welcomed the proposal very much and requested that the proposal be presented to ministers. The Arab Foreign Ministry, so the matter was presented to them and they accepted the idea.

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