After a huge show..Is Ronaldo close to the Saudi victory? Algerian Dialogue

The Saudi club Al-Nasr made a huge offer to Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, former Manchester United star, in order to sign him during the upcoming winter transfer period.

And according to CBS Sports, the Saudi club Al-Nasr made an offer to Ronaldo, 37, with a contract that extends for 3 seasons, for $ 225 million.

In the event that Ronaldo agrees to the offer of the Saudi club Al-Nasr, the Portuguese star will continue his career in the stadiums until the age of 40.

According to the offer submitted by the Saudi victory, Ronaldo will receive a salary of $ 75 million annually.

As confirmed by the news network, if Ronaldo agrees to this offer, the process of completing the deal will not need for a long time, as everything is ready.

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