“Agropack Expo”… An opportunity to upgrade the national product – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia

The Secretary-General of the Ministry of Industry confirmed the inauguration, Salah El-Din Belbrick, that this exhibition falls within the scope of the ministry’s work to improve the national product and make it a place to display their products in order to supply the local market and export them to countries and global markets.

In the same context, the Secretary-General highlighted that this exhibition is an opportunity for economic dealers to meet to learn about the latest developments in raw materials, equipment and various technologies used in the field of packaging in order to support the food industry and encourage investment.

In a speech delivered by the same official on behalf of the Minister of Industry, Ahmed Zagdar, today, Monday, at the Conference Palace, Abdel Latif Rahal, saying in this regard, “This salon is of particular importance to the Ministry of Industry, which has placed the development of industries of all kinds among its priorities in line with development.” Which the latter is known at the global level, and also expresses an urgent will to upgrade the local industry by adopting a policy of valuing the human resource and advancing all the people of the industry towards a promising start to achieve economic growth.

It is noteworthy that the second edition of the International Food and Packaging Exhibition, which witnessed the participation of more than 130 exhibitors from public, private and international industrial institutions, is active in the field of equipment and devices used in the field of food and packaging, under the auspices of the Minister of Industry and the Minister of Trade and Export Promotion.

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