Al-Qasimi: Takfiris and Westernizers are a threat to the nation, and we must overlook the difference – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The Dean of the Algeria Mosque, Muhammad Mamoun Al-Qasimi Al-Hassani, warned against the return of the idea of ​​sectarianism to prominence again under various pretexts, calling on scholars and preachers to avoid sedition and division among Muslims.

In his speech during the Imam Al-Maghili Forum at the Convention Center in Algiers, Mamoun Al-Qasimi said, today, Tuesday, that “one of the most important current challenges is protecting our societies from threats to their security and cohesion, and blocking the way for incoming sects, stray bees, and alien dispersal currents.” The speaker focused on the takfiri movement, which thrives on spreading misconceptions of religion and false interpretations of the purposes of its law, stressing that this “requires firm confrontation with movements that have only exported to the nation more factors of division and rupture.”

Al-Qasimi considered that what Islamic societies are witnessing in their current reality is more dangerous and deeper in impact than it was before, as “the idea of ​​sectarianism has re-emerged, and it is receiving attention and care, under various pretexts; It also had regional and international contexts that encouraged its supporters to threaten to destroy the gains of unity and integration accumulated in our countries for centuries.”

And the Dean of the Algiers Mosque affirmed that “what we seek today to achieve is cooperation in what benefits the nation, heals its rift, gathers its ranks, and unites its groups, which is what religious discourse should pay all attention and attention to, calling on scholars, preachers and imams of mosques to spread more awareness among Muslims, to keep them away from the evils of extremism and fanaticism.”

The speaker demanded the preachers and scholars of the imams of the Islamic nation to avoid raising suspicions, and to prevent sedition among Muslims, and to avoid everything that leads to division that Islam forbids. And work to spread the spirit of tolerance, to reconcile the hearts, and gather the word, focusing on the points of agreement to gather around, and overlooking the points of disagreement to avoid its disadvantages. Considering that this requires commitment to the etiquette of difference, and taking into account Islam’s view of it, as a difference of plurality, diversity and integration; The difference in opinion, methodology, or doctrine should not turn into a difference of fanaticism, rivalry, and strife.

Mamoun Al-Qasimi Al-Hassani also warned of the dangers of a “westernizing current, which works relentlessly so that our societies remain under the cultural and civilizational hegemony of the West. Sparkling slogans, and responding to suspicious calls, which overturn the scale of values; It is intended to destroy the system of moral values.”

Al-Qasimi stressed the need for society to consciously separate between constants and variables, in developing its life, and remains adherent to the principles and principles, admonishing them with motives, stressing the immortal constants and the eternity of the faith that produced them. At the same time, it is flexible in dealing with changes, as they are mere methods, means, and modalities that each generation must acquire in order to express its age and time.

Al-Qasimi touched on the march of Imam al-Mughili, who is considered one of the most important scientific references and recorded a history full of great deeds, in his country and in the African neighborhood. He was a man of knowledge and knowledge and had a distinguished approach to advocacy and reform. And the social. We want to benefit from his political thought, his vision of objectives, and the principles of good governance that he has. We want to benefit from economic rationality, the political thesis, and the state project, in light of its messages.”

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