Al-Shorfa: The professional integration file will be permanently closed in 2023 – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryya

The Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Youssef Sharafah, confirmed the final closure of the professional integration file in 2023, to eliminate the problem of fragile and random employment, and employment will be final.

On the sidelines of the work visit that led him to the state of Laghouat, the minister said that “the integration file will be closed permanently this year to eliminate the problem of fragile and random employment, and employment will be final, otherwise it will be directed towards benefiting from the unemployment grant.” He referred to the obligation of training to mobilize a qualified workforce in order to make the year 2023 a year of economy and wealth creation par excellence, and highlighted The importance of training for those registered in the unemployment grant, which contributes to raising their efficiency and scientific and professional capabilities.

The Minister of Labor had stated that the planned increase in the retirement grant would be poured into the accounts of those concerned before the advent of the next month of Ramadan The status of vocational integration workers in the public and private economic sectors will be settled before the end of the current year, with availability Conditions for settling the situation, which include several criteria, including regular attendance at work and profitability. He pointed out that the reports prepared by employers on the professional performance of those concerned will be studied.

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