Algeria is preparing a file for the classification of “Constantinople Gandora” as a world heritage – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

Yesterday in Constantine, Director of the National Center for Research in Prehistory, Anthropology and History Suleiman Hashi announced that Algeria is currently completing the preparation of several files related to the proposal to include a number of cultural legacies in the list of intangible heritage of humanity.

The same official explained, on the sidelines of the work of a study day on women’s traditional dress, organized by the House of Culture, Malik Haddad, under the slogan “Constantinople Gandora…Identity, Beauty and History,” that several files are currently being prepared to suggest many cultural legacies for inclusion in the list of intangible human heritage. Especially those related to singing “Sarawi”, “Al-Ashweeq”, “Al-Ayay”, as well as “Al-Malouf”, in addition to “Al-Sha’bi Al-Asmi”.

Mr. Hashi stated that within the framework of coordination proposals for common elements at the Maghreb, Arab and African levels, Algeria will also work to submit files in this field in order to propose the inclusion of a number of cultural elements.

The same speaker also confirmed that the file of the Constantinople garland’s proposal to include it in the list of the intangible heritage of humanity “has become ready, and there are only some touches left of it to be submitted before the date of next March 31.”

The same source revealed that this file meets the conditions set by UNESCO, especially those related to the feature of “transmitting this heritage through generations,” adding that “all these efforts fall within the framework of sharing cultural heritage with a historical dimension with the rest of the world.”

Mr. Hashi considered that the Constantine velvet garland “embodies the true meaning of high fashion and high culture.”


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