Algeria’s share of red tuna will rise to 2023 tons – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia

The Minister of Fisheries and Pharmaceutical Products, Hisham Sofiane Salwachi, announced that Algeria’s quota for red tuna fishing will rise to 2023 tons during next year’s campaign, compared to 1650 caught in this year’s campaign.
Salwachi said in a public session of the National People’s Assembly devoted to oral questions, yesterday, Thursday, that this decision was taken during the last meeting of the International Committee for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna “Ikat”, organized in Portugal last November.

The minister considered that the decision represents a “success” for Algeria thanks to the consultations carried out by the Algerian delegation during this meeting.

He mentioned that the Algerian fleet that participated in this year’s fishing campaign was estimated at 29 vessels, including two locally manufactured vessels with national capabilities, stressing that by the end of 2023 three new large-sized vessels will be received, which are currently being built in Algerian workshops.

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