Ali Aoun orders the “Sidal” complex to accelerate insulin production – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

Yesterday evening, Thursday in Constantine, the Minister of Pharmaceutical Industry, Ali Aoun, ordered Sidal officials to expedite the production of insulin in the production unit in this state, stressing that “the future evaluation of the Sidal Foundation will be linked to the production of this drug.”
After an inspection visit to the state of Constantine, accompanied by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Kamal Badari, Aoun called on the officials of the Saidal Corporation to expedite the launch of the insulin industry at the level of the Constantine production unit, stressing that “the evaluation of the Saidal Foundation in the future will be related to insulin production.”
After renewing Algeria’s commitment to cover 50 percent of the national needs with regard to insulin during the first semester of 2023 through its local production, the minister stated that the state is determined to put an end to the monopoly practiced regarding the supply of this drug.
Producing 50 percent of insulin locally will allow the state to save 200 million euros annually (the value of the insulin import bill ranges between 400 and 420 million euros), according to Aoun, who called on officials of the Saydal production unit in Constantine to consider from now on producing insulin in pens.
The same official confirmed that the raw material for insulin in the form of crystals is available at the international level, adding that insulin filling devices are ready.
Aoun also gave instructions to the concerned officials to expedite the necessary measures regarding this aspect, adding that “there is no excuse for delaying the launch of insulin production.”
Aoun considered that the research centers available across the state of Constantine in the fields of pharmaceutical sciences and biotechnology in particular are of “quality”, as he insisted on the need to develop all kinds of medicines (vital in particular), in close cooperation with research centers equipped with human capabilities (researchers). ) and logistics of a “high level”.
In the same context, the minister gave instructions to “get close” to these research centers, given that Algeria needs to develop medicines, especially modern ones.
Aoun also stressed the need to diversify the production of medicines, indicating that the time has come for pharmaceutical manufacturers to invest in the production of anti-cancer, diabetes and other drugs.

He pointed out that Algeria does not suffer from any shortage of medicines, but rather from “pressure on certain categories of medicines.” During his inspection visit, the minister visited research centers affiliated to the higher education and scientific research sector, and also visited pharmaceutical production units.

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