Ali Aoun: We are not here to punish the producers!! Algerian Dialogue

The Minister of Pharmaceutical Industry, Ali Aoun, affirmed the commitment of his sector to start producing “insulin” starting next week, and to ensure that the national market is supplied with 50 percent of its needs.

Today, Tuesday, Ali Aoun said, during an inspection visit to some pharmaceutical institutions in Sidi Abdallah, that there is a factory in Wadi Al-Smar at the beginning of production, adding, “We are strict, and this is our commitment until the local production covers 50 percent of the market’s needs.” In the context, the minister confirmed that The production of medicines takes place through dialogue and the assistance of producers by keeping the doors of dialogue open, and he said, “We are not here to punish them. Our doors are open to help them.”

With regard to the drug “Aproval 150 mg”, Ali Aoun revealed that 70,000 packages have been withdrawn from the market, but the penalty will not be unless it is verified that there is a breach on the part of the producer.

During his visit, Ali Aoun stopped at the Sanofi Aventis Algérie institution, which has begun to produce, control and release medicines, as well as distribute them since 2017. The Sidi Abdallah production unit includes six production lines, 3 lines for tablets, two lines for bags and a line for liquid forms, with a total production capacity of more than 100 million packages annually. The Minister of Pharmaceutical Industry officially called on officials to raise production capacities and integrate high-value-added medicines to replace imports. He also reminded the company’s managers of their responsibilities regarding supplying materials produced or imported by Sanofi through strict monitoring of pharmaceutical enterprises for wholesale distribution.

The minister warned promoters of fears about the scarcity of medicines, especially those related to cancer, by hinting at punishing them because they deepen the suffering of the patient.

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