An important statement from the Ministry of Commerce to importers – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia

The Ministry of Commerce and Export Promotion called on all economic operators active in the import sector destined for resale and who have obtained a certificate of compliance with the conditions and modalities required to practice the activity of importing raw materials, to deposit the estimated annual import program for the year 2023.

A statement by the Ministry of Commerce stated that the deposit of the program by the customers is divided into tables according to each trio, noting in the same context that the program must be attached to the tables for sales and inventories for the year 2022.

These documents, requested by the Ministry of Commerce in its statement, shall be deposited exclusively at the level of the interests of the regionally competent state directorates of commerce, in paper form and in EXCEL format on a CD, before the date of January 31, 2023 as the last date.

The ministry stressed that it does not accept any file filed after the aforementioned date.

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