An increase of 45 percent in traffic accidents during the first 5 months of 2023 – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia

The person in charge of information and traffic coordination at the level of the National Gendarmerie Command, Major Samir Bouchait, announced an increase in the number of traffic accidents during the first five months of the current year by 45% compared to the same period in 2022.

During the Al-Shaab newspaper forum on the topic of “traffic accidents, traffic safety and driving schools,” Bushahit stated that the interests and units of the National Gendarmerie across the jurisdiction recorded 3,591 traffic accidents that caused the death of 1,116 people and injured 5,326 others.

The same official explained that “the main cause of these accidents is 93 percent due to the human factor, in addition to other factors related to “roads, surroundings and vehicles.”

With the aim of reducing accidents and their remnants, “the National Gendarmerie Command presents a number of proposals, such as activating the driver’s license with points, embodying the speed measurement project, creating rest areas for drivers, especially in the southern regions, in addition to organizing effective and targeted awareness campaigns with the participation of the concerned sectors.”

Boushait added that the National Gendarmerie, in anticipation of the summer season and given the high increase in traffic accidents during this period, has drawn up a special plan through the deployment of formations at the level of the road network, the beaches of the coastal states, the provision of a specialized human resource, air formations and advanced technical means in order to secure vacationers and facilitate traffic movement”.

For her part, the President of the National Association of Professional Driving Practitioners, Nabila Farhat, gave a detailed presentation on the tasks of a driving instructor, and on how to practice the profession, according to the book of conditions and legal decrees, and the conditions that must be met by a candidate to obtain a driving license.

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