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An information mission from the National People’s Assembly is currently working to find out the reality of investment in 7 states in the west of the country, within the framework of implementing the instructions of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, related to accompanying investors and removing obstacles.

A second group of the Economic Affairs Committee went to the state of Tlemcen yesterday morning as the first station of the information work targeting seven states of western Algeria, including Tlemcen, Sidi Bel Abbes, Oran, Mascara, Mostaganem, Relizane and Tiaret, which will continue until next week, through an inspection Industrial zones and economic institutions to raise concerns and record the most important obstacles that stand in the way of investors.

The delegation inspected the industrial zone of Ouled Ben Damo, in the district of Maghnia – hectares – where the wilaya’s director of industry revealed that 145 hectares of the total area of ​​the property had been recovered, in the ongoing purification process targeting all industrial property at the wilaya level. The source referred to the preparation works that are nearing completion, while calling for lifting the freeze on the industrial zone of Arisha.

On the other hand, the official of the National Company for Ceramics and Tiles CRTAF complained about the lack of raw material, as 100% of the ceramic material is imported. He also complained about the fragility of industrial equipment and the lack of health safety equipment for workers in the workshops. Sanitary Ceramics, and there, the company’s manager demanded an extension of the outstanding debt payment deadlines for at least three to five years in order to reduce the burdens on the company and preserve the workforce.

As for the director of a chicken hatching unit in the municipality of Al-Ramshi, he called for increasing the selling points and capping the chicken prices. While the investors raised a number of concerns such as the problem of industrial real estate as well as the expansion of activities, in addition to the problem of the high royalties due from them, as well as the problem of deducting 15% directly from the annual turnover. For investors, they also emphasized the necessity of facilitating procedures for dealing with banks and reducing pressures exerted on them to recover their debts. Today, the mission continues its work in the state of Sidi Bel Abbes.

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