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Today, the Spanish Football Federation announced the successor to coach Luis Enrique at the head of the national team, after the bitter exclusion of “La Roja” in the Qatar World Cup 2022, by leaving the final price against the Moroccan national team.

Enrique had announced his resignation from coaching the “Matador” after this failure, especially in light of the decline in the national team’s level after winning the first match against Costa Rica by seven, before drawing against Germany with a goal for the same and losing from Japan, and despite his qualification, he was eliminated by penalty kicks from Morocco.

Luis Rubellas, president of the Spanish Federation, appointed coach Luis Della Fonnet, who is an unknown coach in Spain, since he did not coach any of the elite teams in Spain, as he was a former player with Athletic Bilbao, with whom he played almost all of his football career, and trained the Sunni groups for this. The club, before working in the Spanish Federation with the various age groups of “La Roja”, where the last team he coached was a team under 23 years old, and it will be on the shoulders of Dela Fuente to qualify the Spanish team for the Euro 2024 finals that will take place in France.

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