Announcing the list of car manufacturing and importing agents soon – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia

Today, Sunday, the Director General of Strategic Vigilance at the Ministry of Industry, Bashir Kashroud, revealed that the list of agents for manufacturing and importing cars will be announced soon.

Kashroud said on the waves of national radio that work is underway to implement the book of conditions for the manufacture and import of cars, and that the Algerian Agency for Investment Promotion will provide the necessary information about “distinguished agents”, soon.

Kashroud explained that a specialized committee is currently examining the book of conditions for the manufacture and import of cars, noting that the matter is related to “pure technical work carried out according to a clear path and field work.”

On the other hand, Kashroud referred to a very large work related to economic intelligence, which is being carried out at the level of the Ministry of Industry, noting that building an information system at the level of institutions requires establishing transparency and giving data.

The guest of the first focused on the necessity of reading and distinguishing information, in conjunction with working to encourage strategic vigilance after activating its cells, arguing for the inevitability of developing strategic vigilance cells in all sectors.

In contrast to his assertion that “crises constitute an opportunity to review and take proactive measures,” Kashroud highlighted that Algerian economic diplomacy has begun to carve out a position for itself and contribute to making decisions that will help in the settlement of major factories.

The same spokesman continued, “The consolidation of economic inquiry requires investment in the human resource at the level of institutions.” He added that the bet of the next stage lies in reducing imports and working on the entry of Algerian products into international markets, while giving priority to advancing the food and building materials industries.

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