Announcing the winners of the logo design competition for Sonatrach’s sixtieth year – Al-Hiwar Algeria

Sonatrach Police announced the winners of the competition to design the company’s sixty-year logo.

And a statement from the company stated: Sonatrach has informed all the contestants participating in the national competition launched by the Foundation, in order to design an official logo for Sonatrach’s sixtieth celebrations, which coincides with the date of December 31, 2023, that the evaluation committee appointed to select the best designs has completed the selection process for more than 5430 designs.

The results of the competition led to the selection of only two designs that meet the conditions of the competition and rise to the level of this event, which marks one of the historical stations of Sonatrach.

Two entries were up to the level of aspirations that Sonatrach bet on through this competition, while the third prize was withheld due to the lack of entries that lived up to the level of this event.

The first winner is Mr. Madajlia Mustafa from the state of Skikda,

The second winner is Mr. Karout Bilal Abdel Moez from Annaba state.

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