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Today, Saturday, deputies of the National People’s Assembly approved the new version of Article 22, which is in dispute, from the text of the organic law related to media.
The entire text of the organic law related to media was approved by the majority, after the reformulation of Article 22.
The voting process took place in a public session chaired by the Speaker of Parliament, Ibrahim Bogali, in the presence of the Minister of Relations with Parliament, Basma Azwar, and members of the government.
After the vote, the Minister of Transport, Youssef Shorfa, in his capacity as a representative of the government in this session, valued the efforts of the committee of equal members of the two chambers of Parliament in reaching a consensual version of Article 22 of the text of the draft organic law related to media, considering that this article in its new form “requires the journalist who Working in Algeria on behalf of a media outlet subject to foreign law must obtain accreditation in advance, and the modalities of application of this article shall be determined by regulation.
He added that the provisions of this draft law “serve the press and enhance its role in preserving the higher interests of the country,” calling for the development of “legislation related to the media field that works to close all outlets that may be exploited by foreign parties that use freedom of expression and the press as a pretext to interfere in internal affairs.” state to destabilize it and undermine its sovereignty and unity.
The rapporteur of the equal-member committee of the two chambers of parliament, in turn, appreciated the reformulation of this article after reaching a consensual formula by the members of both chambers of parliament.

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