Argentina stuns France in the first half – Al-Hiwar Algeria

The Argentine national team succeeded in winning the first stage, at the expense of France, in the 2022 World Cup final in Qatar, with a double without a response.

The “Tango” was the most dangerous at the beginning of the first half, and it created several dangerous chances, created by Messi and his comrades, but everyone waited until the 23rd minute after Demaria penetrated on the left side, and Dembele blocked him inside the area of ​​​​operations, to give them the Polish referee a penalty kick, which Messi gave, And put it in the net of Lloris. Although everyone was waiting for the French to wake up, Demaria succeeded in doubling the wounds of Mbappe’s comrades, and scored the second goal after a quick counterattack. Despite the changes made by Deschamps in the 40th minute, by removing Giroud and Dembele and replacing them with Thuram and Kolo Moani, the first half ended with an Argentine double.

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