Arkab: “Promising prospects await the hydrocarbon sector during the current year” – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia

Minister of Energy and Mines Mohamed Arkab confirmed, this Saturday in Tipaza, that “promising prospects” await the hydrocarbon sector in Algeria during the current year.

Mr. Arkab, in a press statement on the sidelines of his presence at the port of Buharon, accompanied by Ministers of Industry Ahmed Zaghdar and Minister of Transport Kamal Beljoud, explained the process of receiving the first Algerian-made locomotive to accompany fuel transport ships to dock, that his sector “promises promising prospects during the current year,” especially with regard to developing and encouraging the industry. local sector.

In this context, the minister said that the Sonatrach complex has drawn up a large program related to “discoveries, exploitation, production and export support,” noting that “every achieved goal will be announced in due course.”

He renewed the recall of the policy pursued by the sector represented in “encouraging national content”, which was embodied today by the receipt by the company for the management and exploitation of the terminals of hydrocarbon ports “STH” (subsidiary of Sonatrach) of the first tugboat to accompany the cargo ships of hydrocarbons made in Algeria with an estimated integration rate of 65 percent, which is The percentage described by Mr. Arkab is considered.

By the way, Mr. Arkab said that the Sonatrach complex intends to encourage the local industry of fuel transport pipelines and make the network dependent on 100% national pipelines, anticipating the receipt of the first shipment of pipelines destined to transport gas, during the first quarter of this year.

Within the framework of encouraging the national industry, he said that his sector has opened workshops in coordination with the Ministry of Industry to meet the needs of the fuel sector through the national industrial complexes, whether with regard to equipment, channels and pipes, or spare parts and maintenance, and this will also allow a reduction in the import bill, he said.

The minister pointed out that the “promoting local industry” program allows for the effective and less costly realization of national programs and creates a “promising” local economic dynamism in various fields of hydrocarbons, especially those related to the transportation and distribution of natural gas in significant quantities from the south to the north, or in the embodiment of local development programs.

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