Arkab stands on important projects in the Algerian state of Mostaganem – Hewar

The Minister of Energy and Mines, Mohamed Arkab, received today, Monday, at the ministry’s headquarters, deputies of the National People’s Assembly of the electoral district of Mostaganem, according to a statement by the Ministry of Energy.

The statement added, these meetings fall within the framework of listening and taking care of some of the issues and concerns raised by the NOAA. This is related to the energy connection “electricity and gas” for the unconnected areas, and industrial areas, especially the tower industrial area, as well as the expansion of electrical networks and the generalization of the use of solar energy in isolated areas. In addition to other files related to the energy and mining sector. Similar to the extent of the progress of the works at the level of the project for the completion of the power plant in the Sonectal region in Mostaganem..

The minister confirmed that equipment is currently being installed at the facility and that the project is making remarkable progress.

The project is being implemented on an area of ​​40 hectares on the coastal strip. Which would provide neighboring states such as Camp, Oran, and even the national grid with electric energy at a production rate of 1460 megawatts, with the possibility of exporting electrical energy abroad, so that the project is an important national gain.

The file of the sea water desalination plant in Mostaganem and the file of operation through the sector’s institutions, as well as the mining investment in the wilaya, were the subject of concerns raised by the deputies.

Realization and completion of electricity and gas interconnection programs in Mostaganem

During this meeting, the minister stressed the keenness of the sector and its institutions to embody and complete the electricity and gas interconnection programs in the state, where so far 38 municipalities have been connected to electricity and 22 others to gas, which represents the connection of 2,300 homes to gas, provided that 4 other municipalities are connected to gas. Concerning agricultural investors – the statement adds – that within the framework of an urgent program, 520 electricity connection projects were counted, 441 female investors were completed, 274 were completed, and 135 are in progress.

Electricity coverage in Mostaganem governorate reached 94 percent and 56 percent for gas.

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