Arkab supervises the opening ceremony of a new branch in Sonelgaz – El Hewar Algeria

Today, Sunday, the Minister of Energy and Mines, Mohamed Arkab, supervised the inauguration ceremony of the new center for the Social and Cultural Services Fund for workers in the electrical and gas industries, located in Al Hamma, in the center of the capital.

According to the Ministry’s statement, the Fund for Social and Cultural Services for Workers of the Electric and Gas Industries is a branch of the Sonelgaz complex, a company of a social nature, aimed at promoting and developing social and cultural affairs for the benefit of workers, retirees and rights holders of the Sonelgaz complex, in order to contribute to improving their physical and psychological comfort in accordance with the legislation. and the applicable regulation in this regard,

Its mission, the statement adds, is also to develop social and cultural services for the benefit of workers in the electric and gas industries, by providing a wide range of services that meet their needs and requirements in many areas, such as health services, social assistance, nurseries, kindergartens, and others.

It is worth noting that the inauguration ceremony was attended by the Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security, and the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

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