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The first issue of the Army Magazine was published for the year 2023, carrying a positive outcome for the year 2022 at all levels, and an affirmation that the People’s National Army, in this new year, is followed by the same will, ambition and determination in order to achieve the set goals and add another brick in the path of building the new Algeria.

The editorial of the Army Magazine detailed what was achieved in Algeria 2022, which “has a dynamic print covering all sectors. After completing the institutional path of the state, the higher authorities directed to enact various legislations and laws in order to organize and create political life and involve youth and living forces as a main actor in the development of society in addition to taking Courageous decisions in the interest of the citizen and the future of the country.”

The editorial mentioned what has been achieved on the economic level and in order to revive the national economy. “This sector witnessed deep reforms with the aim of getting rid of the rentier economy through reviewing the investment law, granting facilities to investors, eliminating bureaucracy and supporting emerging enterprises,” and the source added that this “reflected on the performance positively. Non-hydrocarbon exports exceeded $6 billion in 11 months,” and “these reforms were reinforced by unprecedented decisions of a social nature that put the citizen at the center of concerns in order to improve his living framework and preserve his purchasing power.”

The editorial stated that “the diplomatic arena has witnessed intense activity through our country’s effective participation in various international forums, based on its firm positions and geostrategic weight, and Arab reunification remains the most important event ever.”

Defensively, and under the leadership of President Abdel Majeed Tebboune, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, the army continued to modernize its forces thanks to the adoption of a carefully studied strategy.” The source adds, “Perhaps the extremely indicative scenes shown by our units participating in the military parade on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of independence confirm the development that our army has reached and its control over various weapons.” And the cornerstone of science and technology,” referring to President Tebboune’s urging, during his presidency of the periodic work meeting at the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense, to the need to continue the path of developing and modernizing all components of the army and upgrading it to occupy ranks that befit the greatness and sanctity of its tasks, which allows it to raise the challenges and win their bets.

The leadership of the People’s National Army has put the development of military industries at the heart of its strategy by establishing a real industry, which it is working on relentlessly. The army units have also achieved remarkable results in the field of combating terrorism, which is the result of good combat preparation, qualitative training and constant vigilance of army personnel.” The source indicates that Lieutenant-General Said Chanegriha, Chief of Staff of People’s National Army, confirms on more than one occasion that “achieving victory depends mainly on the mentality of the fighter, the quality of his training, the level of his physical and psychological preparation, as well as his ability to make the right decisions in all circumstances and stages of the battle.”

For reference, the Army magazine allocated space in its new issue to commemorate the 44th anniversary of the death of President Houari Boumediene, whom it described as an “outstanding personality.”

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