Ayman Ben Abdelrahman: Algeria has made giant strides in the framework of reforms – the Algerian dialogue

Speaking at the African-American Business Forum, Prime Minister Ayman Ben Abderrahmane confirmed that Algeria has recently taken some major steps to attract more private investment, including diversifying the energy sector.

This summer, said Ayman Ben Abderrahmane, Algeria has adopted a new investment law that clarifies regulations, stimulates specific sectors, speeds up approvals and measures, and simplifies the transfer of profits.

The Prime Minister stated that Algeria has taken giant steps within the framework of the reforms initiated by the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, especially on the economic level.

And Ayman bin Abdul Rahman said, “The new investment law establishes important principles, especially the freedom of investment, as it allows everyone, without exception or discrimination between national or foreign dealers, residents and non-residents, full freedom to choose investment.”

The Prime Minister affirmed Algeria’s special interest in investments in the sectors of mining, agriculture, aquaculture, marine fishing, industry, agro-food, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries, services, tourism and new and renewable energies.

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