Badari and Walid supervise the launch of 84 centers for the development of entrepreneurship at the university level

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Kamel Badari, accompanied by the Minister of Knowledge Economy and Emerging and Small Enterprises, Yassine El Mahdi Walid, supervised today, Thursday in Algiers, the launch of 84 entrepreneurial development centers across the various universities of the country.
During the works of the national symposium on entrepreneurship in the university milieu, organized in coordination between the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and emerging and micro-enterprises, in the presence of the Minister of Post and Telecommunications, Karim Bibi Triki, Mr. The contractor student and the contractor student certificate in order to direct university graduates to the world of work and enable them to contribute to the creation of wealth.
He added that the university’s transition from the stage of dissemination of knowledge to the stage of entrepreneurship revolves around “educating students and then training them in the university milieu”, which are the tasks that will be entrusted – as he said – to the new centers, accompanied by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and emerging and small enterprises.
These centers, in addition to training and accompanying students, aim to “support the entrepreneurial path in the university milieu by providing integrated training in entrepreneurship for project owners, according to a lined program under the supervision of university professors and supervised by the National Agency for Support and Development of Entrepreneurship.”
In the same context, he revealed that “730 projects under study have been registered at the level of the National Coordinating Committee for Follow-up on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which allows the holders of these projects to benefit from assistance within the framework of accompaniment.”

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